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Mind blowing map at sexual consent ages around Europe

For many countries, age of 18 is mostly known to already have consent from their parents to do things on their own and that includes sexual act. Now, we learned from Jakub Marian, 28-year-old Czech linguist, mathematician, and artist through his post, that some countries

Pres. Duterte on his two-day working visit to Japan brought $9B

In the news, Japan commits to deliver one trillion yen or roughly P456 billion pledge to the country partly to support the recovery of Marawi Philippines after the battle against ISIS-inspired group Maute. The Prime Minister said, “provide maximum support for the restoration and reconstruction

Nurse sings to dying patient video

Watch : Nurse sings dying patient’s favorite song

A nurse at Vanderbilt University Medical Center sings to a dying woman from a cancer. The patient named Margaret Smith, 63 was having a declining health was brought to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Margaret is suffering from a liver cancer and doctors said transplant