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10 Words in Tagalog & Bisaya that draws confusions to both

Tagalog (Filipino) and Bisaya are just two of the 120 to 187 dialects spoken in the Philippines. Tagalog or Filipino is the national language of the country while Bisaya is widely spoken in Visayas and Mindanao. Although the two dialects are different, there are also

6 ways low self confidence

5 traits of someone who has low self-confidence

When we see or listen to a very confident person, we tend to easily give our trust, praise and believe that person. In a performing arts, we also sees someone’s best when their self-confidence are present. Throughout our life, self-confidence went up and down defending

5 high fat food Avocado

5 fatty foods that are actually healthy for you

“Fatty foods”, from that two word itself it already sounds scary for people who don’t want to gain too much weight. But fats or fatty acids like Omega 3s & 6’s are essential for skin care diet or a weight loss program. Good fats produces

9 Tips by Psychologist that really works to avoid divorce

Divorce, separated or it’s complicated status is becoming a trend to relationships nowadays. From celebrities to even common citizen.¬†From a small misunderstandings until it reaches a huge fight. Marriage, a union between a man and woman for richer and poorer, sickness and health and so

dad spoof daughter

Dad spoofs daughter’s selfies gains more followers

As they say, imitation or copying is the highest form of flattery. But this dad spoofs of her daughters selfies gains more followers. Look at some cover artists on Youtube, some became big and popular by just doing covers and eventually have their own product.

Natural home remedies for sinus infection

It’s time of the year for cold season again and it only means your body and health will get affected by it. The change in temperature directly affects our body and cases of seasonal diseases are also expected to hit us. Among those diseases is

credit goes to Diane's Patisserie

Hinchy Dinchy Donut Ever!

This year, a lot of amazing food varieties everywhere now exists. Tons of place to go to just to taste their legendary food course. And here in Batangas, Food is life indeed! There this donut that is really an extra ordinary, I know weve been

Courtesy to Dream Puffs Facebook page

Dreamiest Pastry in town!

Human Beings are so inlove with every dessert they could have, and who wouldnt? From cakes to liquid refreshments, and even our native delicacy kakanin and a lot more. But ever heard of Cutest and Tastiest Pastry? I know youve seen a lot of this