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Yet another road rage happens in Quezon City

Another road rage happened in Quezon City went viral yesterday (December 18), at NCBA Quezon City cor Fairlane Drive and Fairview QC around 3PM went viral.

From the video posted by Maricar Acosta, a man can be seen attacking the taxi driver inside his car. The man pushes the driver’s door while pointing his finger towards the taxi driver and very angry from the way he acts.
Quezon City road rage

Eventually with the assistance of the traffic enforcer, the taxi driver went out from his vehicle. To his surprise, he was attack again by his aggressor and they engaged in fist fight.

What makes the video funny is that a guy wearing a brown jacket involves himself to the fight. He’s probably a company of the taxi driver or just a bystander because he just appeared when the two started punching each other.

Above screengrab shows the man wearing brown jacket punching the back and butt of the man who attacks the taxi driver.

Road rage incidents in Philippines happens once in a while perhaps due to lack of patience among motorist. Among the road rage incidents, Jason Ivler case which happened also in Quezon City November 18, 2009 was the most controversial leaving the driver he confronted dead over a traffic altercation. Little did he know, his victim was the son of a former MalacaƱang official.

In Jason Ivler case, it was unfortunate for his stepfather being dragged to the case as it turned out to be a British diplomat named Stephen James Pollard. Witnesses said Ivler sped off from the crime scene in a Honda CR-V. As of latest about Json Ivler’s case, he is now charged with murder at the Quezon City

Below is the video of yet unknown taxi driver and male motorist posted by Maricar Acosta.

Another road rage between taxi and private vehicle caught on cam at ncba Quezon City corner Fairlane Drive, Fairview Quezon City around 3pm.Video Credit To : Maricar Acosta

Posted by Vulpine Post on Monday, December 18, 2017

Keep safe everyone don’t let your temper drag you to road rage incident. Share us your thoughts on this issue by hitting comment section below!

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