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Word war of ABS-CBN Headwriter and GMA’s consultant over Bagani

Bagani, the upcoming fantasy series of ABS-CBN featuring the love team Liza Soberano and Enrique Gil started to stir controversy even it didn’t started yet.

ABS-CBN headwriter Mark Duane Angos and GMA-7 consultant Suzette Doctolero engaged in a word word for allege copying.
Bagani Encantandia

Bagani was launched ABS-CBN trade launch event held last Tuesday, November 28 with Makisig Morales, Sofia Andres and loveteam LizQuen wearing their costumes. Netizens first seen the similarity of when Bagani and Encantadia then online discussions was triggered then.

Now, not only netizens gets affected but top levels from network. Suzzette Doctolero commented to someone’s post on Twitter implying that Bagani copied from Encantandia, she posted:

“Hahahhaha Funny ka. May binago naman sila ah. Yung naka violet. Di sa enca ginaya. Pang circus ang costume. Hahahaha.”
Bagani Encantandia VulpinePost 1Apparently it reaches to Mark Duane Angos, Headwriter for ABS-CBN Star Creatives (Got to Believe, Forevermore, Dolce Amore) and took jab at Suzzette and reminds her about originality particularly to their TV series Alyas Robinhood. Alyas Robinhood was alleged of copying Arrow from CW when a fan made poster was released online depicting the series.

On his Twitter account, Mark posted:

“You should get out of this ‘originality discourse’ especially if you’re the one who copied CW’s Arrow. My friendly advice, focus on stories you’re writing. I’m sure there’s a lot of B-actors from Game of Thrones who can cameo on your next show.”


Suzzette was the concept developer and creative consultant for Alyas Robin Hood and accused of copying Arrow.

Suzzette replied to Mark’s post saying, “Ay arrow talaga? Bobo hahahhahaha”.

Mark posted tweet branding Suzzette as “nuisance” saying,

“She’s a nuisance in our small community of writers, tolerated in the spirit of ‘paggalang sa nakakatanda.’ Friends from GMA also believe in a diverse & dynamic TV landscape- supporting & learning from each other. Network war is an illusion propagated by those stuck in the past.”

Suzzette agreed to the statement of Mark and said:

“Tama siya. In our small community of writers, ako nga yung nuisance, yes. im the crazy one, a nutcase. I do not conform. My soaps, at least some of it, can attest to that. Baliw din gaya ko. Ako nga lang nakakaintindi sa iba kong gawa. Hahaha.”

Since the show Bagani haven’t started yet, the allegation for copying is yet to be proved.

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