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Watch : Drunk Ann Mateo’s video “kaya ko pa” went viral

A video of drunk Ann Mateo video went viral and reaches around 2 million views, 15,574 shares and 7,600 comments as of this posting.

The video was posted by Ann’s boyfriend Christopher John Ongkiko or mostly known as Shehyee in Fliptop. With Shehyee and Ann Mateo followers combined, it expected that the video will take web by storm.

Running around more than a minute video, the sexy star and internet sensation can be seen being too wasted from a drinking session she had from party.

Ann Mateo Drunk video

The sexy star is seen lying on the floor babbling out and laughing but it is obvious that she is having difficulty standing up.

From the comments section of the video, Shehyee thought the video can be use for music video and netizens seems to agree.

Ann Mateo Drunk video 02

Ann keeps on stumbling down while trying to stand and Shehyee also attempted to help his girlfriend to stand.

Despite her being too drunk, she still kept on mumbling “Kaya ko pa!”, “kaya ko” and showing a two thumbs up assuring that she can manage herself.

As soon as Ann entered to their room, she started dancing and giggling a very obvious

Ann Mateo became an internet sensation with her music video challenges such as “Juicy Wiggle” and “Trumpet” following her success as “ultimate winner” from a sexy reality show Pantaxa Season 3.

Despite her minimal success in showbiz, she often receives hateful comments from her Facebook account page. Often criticized but still manage to handle not to get affected.

Below is the video posted by Shehyee tagging Ann B. Mateo with him.

Yung lasing na lasing pero kaya niya daw 😂 BRUHH

Posted by Christopher John Ongkiko on Saturday, December 16, 2017

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