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Virgilio Doctor alyas Mang Boy, the old taxi driver calls for justice

Following the viral video of Cherish Sharmaine Interior, the girl who slapped an old taxi driver. A video of Mang Boy, the taxi driver now goes viral as they call for justice.

Virgilio Doctor victim of Cherish Sharmaine Interior

Gilbert Jarino Manalili recorded a video of Virgilio Murillo Doctor alyas Mang Boy as they call the government offices such as LTO for their action on the said incident. The girl who was recently identified as Cherish Shermaine from our previous post, berated and slapped Mang Boy during their confrontation at the Congressional Avenue in Quezon City.

According to the witnesses who shared their comments at the viral video, the taxi driver cuts the line where car of Cherish where on. Upon reaching each other at one point, Cherish stopped and hit Mang Boy’s taxi with a golf club and started berating him as seen from the video.

Despite being apologetic, Mang Boy was still scolded by the girl from the video and keep hitting the taxi.

After that incident, a neighbor of Virgilio Doctor and president of their home association at Potrero Malabon recorded a video to air the side of Mang Boy. From the video, Mr. Virgilio told his side of the story and gave more details of what really happened. According to Mr. Virgilio, he along with another car were blowing their horns to the car driven by Cherish because of being slow. Until they reached each other and then the incident happens where Cherish hit his car with an iron pipe and started the confrontation.

According to Virgilio, he apologizes for what happened so that they can go on with their own path and proceed. But Cherish was unstoppable from berating him until she slapped Mr. Virgilio and eventually raises his blood pressure.

The narrator from the video assured that they will take legal actions to for the abused experienced by Virgilio Doctor. They would seek assistance through the program Raffy Tulfo in Action to achieve swift justice and speed action from the government agencies.

Watch the video posted by Gilbert below.

Virgilio calls for jusice

Virgilio Murillo Doctor calls for justice during the road incident against Cherish Sharmaine Interior

Posted by Vulpine Post on Sunday, December 17, 2017

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