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Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte engaged word war, “Fix your f*&kng life”

Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte seems to be engaged word war but not to any political rivals but guest what, to daughter Isabelle Duterte.
Paolo Duterte to Isabelle

The Duterte family seems to have trouble dealing with their family problem privately. In post by Vice Mayor Duterte, he was replying to what Isabelle complains about their Christmas every year saying, “My dad f*cks up my Christmas every year. What a time be alive”.

Isabelle Duterte rants about his dad 01

Another post by Isabelle translated,

“Not because you have position in the city you can flog. Not because you have the power you are free to hurt people. They are also people that you hurt, not just people but they are young. Not because you are have name, you can act the way you want. Not because you are Duterte, you are allowed to do so.”


Isabelle Duterte rants about his dad 01

In response to these post by Isabelle, Vice Mayor Duterte scolded the young Duterte for her acts and other stuff. He said, he just did what he was accused of not because of being a Duterte but being a father. He mentioned that Isabelle was not respecting him anymore and it seems that she’s doing what she wants to do. He asked Isabelle to study first so she won’t have an empty mind.  Vice Mayor also said that Isabelle has been discourteous to him and for that, he asked Isabelle to pray for him to die so that she would be free from him.

VM Duterte expects that his post will be use against the family especially to his father which is the president of the country. But he disregard those just to correct his daughter. He assumed that Isabelle will not listen and would not talk to him because she’s a millennial  who react only with number of “likes” from their social media posts.

Below is the post of Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte through his Facebook official page.

Dili ingon nga ug IBUGAW KA KADUHA ANANG TAWHANA MUHILOM LANG KO!! Ug kanang imong inahan ug tataytayan way pakialam…

Posted by Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte – Official on Friday, December 22, 2017

With the Vice Mayor’s post, he expects that everyone will use the issue against the family but he doesn’t care anymore since the social media is the only medium the millennials listen to.

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