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5 traits of someone who has low self-confidence

When we see or listen to a very confident person, we tend to easily give our trust, praise and believe that person. In a performing arts, we also sees someone’s best when their self-confidence are present.

Throughout our life, self-confidence went up and down defending on our situation and preparedness. Job interview for instance, if you lack self-confidence, chances are you will be lost for words and might not be able to express what you confidently. Being confident to what you say shows how much you know about your field of expertise. You are confident because you know what you are saying. Imagine a doctor, if the doctor speaks to you and he sounds like a little rattle or confuse to what he is saying, what would you feel towards your doctor? Would you feel like you can trust him? Of course you will have a second thought, right?

6 ways low self confidence

Life is like a roller coaster ride, when we are on top we tend to be more happy but during down times, people tend to be depressed or emotionally lesser off. During our down times, it is also the times when we lose our self-confidence. Below are just 6 traits we can observe from a person with low self esteem that might need your attention and help them recharge and cope up.

1. Indecision

In life, we are bound to make decisions every now and then. During our childhood or even adult life, parents are there to guide us to make decisions. A person with low self esteem and in miserable situation dwells on their bad decisions and blame it for their entire life. They are seem afraid to make decisions once again – it might take them weeks to decide on something and still no confident towards their choice.

For us to help our friend or relative with low self-confidence, we should remind them not to overthink anything. Most of the decisions have only one or two choices, so we should encourage them to trust their gut. It may take years of practice to learn to trust their gut but they really need to learn it for their own good.

2. Apologizing for everything

Ever met a person who apologizes for everything? Chances are they are depressed and consider themselves inconvenience to others. They don’t see themselves as good contribution to their social network, and for that reason, they blame themselves as the source of that.

If you know someone like this, the best that you can do to him is to always make them laugh and smile. For small problems we encounter in life, sometimes laughing it off helps us forget it. But it can be hard for people with low confidence and that’s the time they needed someone with high self-esteem to lighten their mood and remind them that it’s their fault.

3. Unable to accept compliments

Atypical person normally enjoys compliments, not just enjoy it but also loves it. But for people with low self-esteem, they find it hard to accept good gestures and compliments. They do not feel like they worth it; and could misinterpret the person lying to them as a form your sympathy – another form of paranoia that indicates low self esteem. For them to get use with compliments, you should continue doing it to them. But be honest and sincere, don’t use white lies just to boost their self-confidence.
5 traits low self confidence

4. Visibly poor health choices

Because people with low self confidence mostly disregard themselves and do not take care of themselves properly. Also for that reason, they are not confident enough to go out for an exercise as they don’t see any benefit or purpose of it. Sometimes they stay up all night wallowing in self pity. To help them, you can take them to outdoor activities even going to beach. How about biking with them as a form of exercise and exploring the outside

5. Afraid to make eye contact

Confident people can greet you with firm handshakes, strong smiles, eye contact and with sincerity. While low confidence people have limp hands and are afraid to look others in the eye. Sometimes this is due to their trait of being indecisive. For you to help them, you might need to make them comfortable doing the eye contact to among his friends and family of course to anyone. It can be work on and eventually improved their self-esteem.

So there you are, the traits you might have observed from your friends and families that needs to be addressed and helped with.

Do you agree with our post or know someone that have these traits above?

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