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Pres. Duterte on his two-day working visit to Japan brought $9B

In the news, Japan commits to deliver one trillion yen or roughly P456 billion pledge to the country partly to support the recovery of Marawi Philippines after the battle against ISIS-inspired group Maute.

The Prime Minister said,

“provide maximum support for the restoration and reconstruction of Marawi City and we will strengthen support for Mindanao and toward the establishment of an autonomous government, we will respond to the progress of processing.”

In a Joint Statement issued between the two leaders, Abe said they announced the Joint Statement “which embodies and spells out in concrete terms the private and public contribution to the tune of 1 trillion yen in the next five years which was announced initially this year when I visited the Philippines.”

On Illegal Drugs

“We will steadily implement the medium to long term action plans related to illegal drugs counter measures and also as measures for maritime safety; and also terrorism and security measures we will proceed with cooperation to enhance coastal surveillance capacity building. And we will further provide support to strengthen safety in Sulu and Celebes Seas and other parts of the region.”

Duterte’s Respond

“I am pleased with Japan’s reiteration that it is fully committed to – as he described it – ‘give flesh’ to the 1 trillion yen or close to nine billion dollars pledge [of] assistance to the Philippines.”

The amount would cover the infrastructure projects the country would need “to sustain and spur our economic growth.”

“Both sides agreed to ramp up further economic activities. We welcome the increasing investments from Japan in the Philippines and we are ready to work with responsible companies which we consider our new partners for growth.”

Meanwhile, wife of ‪Japan Prime Minister Shinzō Abe‬ posted  on her Facebook page during PH delegates visit to Japan. In the photos are Pres. Duterte and common-law wife Honeylet, Prime Minister Abe and wife.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and First Lady Akie Abe, with guests President Rodrigo Duterte and Honeylet. All photos from the Facebook account of Japanese First Lady Akie Abe

1.3 million views

Also, the Prime Minister was amazed to the Filipinos as his video during his visit to Pres. Duterte in Davao City reached 1.3 million views, saying

“The video clip featuring my stay in Davao City we put on the prime minister’s Facebook account page actually marked over 1.3 million access counts, the greatest ever,”

According to him, 90 percent of those who watch the video were Filipinos across the globe, “so only the 10 percent account for those of us in Japan.”

Japan Philippines Friendship

Pres. Duterte congtratulated Abe for winning in recent snap elections saying “Your victory demonstrates the continued trust of your people in your leadership,”

Going beyond official lines.

Duterte described that their friendship “goes beyond official lines”,

“Suffice it to say that this frequency of interaction is friendship that goes beyond official lines,”

Duterte thanked Abe and his wife for hosting what he described as a “reunion between friends.”

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