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Hole punch history : Google pays tribute to 131st Anniversary of the Hole Puncher

Google doodle today is hole punch history!  It has been Google’s tradition to pay tribute to people, celebrates historical events, festivities, holiday seasons, inventions and other important figures in human history. Today, is the 131st anniversary of the hole punch in history.

Hole punch history

We may now be in a digital world, a time that paper is becoming less and less useful to offices, hole punch still exists until today.  In November 14, 1886, German scientist Friedrich Soennecken filed a patent for the punching machine. Hole punch is treated as office tool generally use in sheet of paper to create holes to bind papers together inside binder or folder.

Soennecken was the son of a blacksmith born in  Iserlohn-Dröschede, Sauerland on September 20, 1848 and died July 2, 1919. He founded his commercial enterprise F. Soennecken Verlag in  Remscheid, Westphalia. The invention of hole punch is mainly attributed to him as he was the first to apply and approved for its patent.

Since then variations of hole punchers were developed depending on its usage, region or countries. Although there is an international standard which is ISO 838, other regions and countries such as North America and Sweden designed for their own usage. In North America, there are 4-hole, 3-hole and 2-hole filebinder. In Sweden, they have a four-hole national standard that they almost exclusively used.

In Philippines, hole puncher is also use for marking checks / cheque as already used.

Image below is an antique Soennecken hole punch patented by  Friedrich Soennecken filed his patent for his  Papierlocher für Sammelmappen.

A single hold punch mainly used for tickets at buses, trains and some for confetti when creating paper crafts or scrapbooks.  In countries like United States, it single hole basically marks the playing as used or canceled to prevent cheating as the card became invalid if holes are found.

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