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PH’s Tanduay Rum official partner of the Golden State Warriors?

Philippines’ Tanduay Rum official partner of the Golden State Warriors as they formalized their partnership.

Tanduay Rum, is Asia’s first and world’s biggest dark rum brand and first to have a partnertship between a Philippine brand and an NBA Championship team.

Tanduay’s Lucio Tan Jr. and Warrior’s Chief Marketing Officer Chip Bowers signs agreement. Credits to INQUIRER/Mandy Chavez

Tanduay President Lucio Tan Jr. went to San Francisco to sign an agreement with Warriors Chief Marketing Officer Chip Bowers. Lucio Tan also brought Tanduay’s  cocktail engineer Tim Walters, an expert in formulating cocktail recipes for Tanduay Rum that use various juices and liquors that mix well with Tanduay Rum.

Tan celebrate the signing of agreement saying,

“Tanduay is proud, and we as basketball fans are thrilled to be associated with the Golden State Warriors,”

“The world champions of rum teamed with the 2017 NBA Champions? Let’s toast to that!”

Credits: INQUIRER/Mandy Chavez

Warriors’ meanwhile said Bowers,

“With our over 500,000 Facebook followers from the Philippines and having a large Filipino following in the Bay Area, this partnership is perfect fit for both of our brands,”

“This partnership is also another great way we are able to engage with our fans at a global level.”

Golden State Warriors will have their Filipino Heritage Night tailgate party on Sunday, October 29 and will present Tanduay Rum as sponsor. Tanduay Rum will now be available at select beverage stands throughout Oracle Arena.

As reported by The Spirits Business back in 2015, Tanduay Rum was one of the best-selling rum brands in the world and received distinctions of excellence from several international organizations. Each distinctions are reflected in their 17 products range, among them are classic Tanduay 5 Years Fine Dark Rhum, Tanduay Cocktails and premium Tanduay Asian Rum.

Tanduay was established back in 1854 by , businessmen Joaquin Elizalde and Joaquin Ynchausti as merged ventures Ynchausti y Cia. Later joined by Valentin Teus and ran their distillery in Hagonoy, Bulacan which eventually became their production house.

Source: Inquirer

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